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About Berks Plant Design & Maintenance

Since 1981, Berks Plant Design & Maintenance's mission has been to provide our customers with the highest value packaging machinery and process equipment available on the market. We have the experience and the resources to assist in selecting the right equipment for the application, facilitating the overall project goals, and supplying machinery in beautiful turnkey condition – all while maximizing your budget for the project at hand!

    In-House Resources Include

  • Spacious 109,000 Square Foot Primary Facility
  • 10 Acre enclosed storage yard
  • Complete In-House Machine Shop with CNC Capability
  • Full Service In-House Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Integrated Enterprise Resource planning software suite records all aspects of project
  • AutoCAD and SolidWorks Modeling software suites
  • MasterCAM CNC programming / interface
  • Two High Capacity Overhead Bridge Cranes
  • 16,000 sq ft dedicated production area with (7) 25’ X 25’ Bays
  • TIG, MIG, Sanitary Welding, Plasma, Brazing and Hardening Capabilities
  • High capacity 3D Printer with smaller supporting prototyping Printer
  • Extensive Rigging and Installation Equipment – Including Six Lifts from 6500 Lb to 16,000 Lb
  • High Capacity Brake, Shear, and Roll Forming
  • Specialized Equipment for installations and troubleshooting

Machinery Commonly Supplied by BPDM

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Berks Plant Design & Maintenance is a equipment supply company that supplies very high quality used packaging machinery in its current condition. Our used equipment specialists will help you find the most reliable and efficient used packaging equipment for your production line. All packaging machinery is typically in good running condition or even like-new condition. Our packaging machines are distinguished from rebuilt or reconditioned machinery in that the used equipment is offered in its present state and is configured for a particular usage (and remains as-is in our inventory). Used packaging machinery and equipment can be adapted upon request to suit a variety of customized manufacturing applications and packaging systems.

When you’re looking for the right used packaging equipment for your application, Berks Plant Design & Maintenance has a large selection of automated packaging systems to choose from. The samples below are representative of the quality of used packaging and process equipment that we have supplied over the years. If you are interested in photos or references regarding specific types of machinery, please do not hesitate to contact us or call 610-916-0666 to discuss your used equipment needs.

BPDM defines a 'reconditioned' piece of machinery as "a unit that has been thoroughly inspected, then repaired as needed and supplied to the customer in good running condition." The bulk of these reconditioned machinery units are supplied turnkey to our clients, with a factory acceptance test prior to payment and shipment.

The samples below show the quality of rebuilds that we have supplied over the years. If you are interested in photos or references regarding specific types of machinery, please do not hesitate to use our contact us form or call us directly today! Rebuilt packaging machinery includes one-year warranty on parts. See our used packaging machinery or reconditioned machinery pages for other options.

BPDM defines a 'rebuilt' piece of machinery as "a complete restoration of the machine to new condition, including major mechanical components such as bearings and bushings along with electrical and controls upgrades to today's standards." Gearboxes are rebuilt to like new condition or are replaced. These units carry a full warranty and are factory acceptance tested prior to release.

The samples below show the quality of equipment that we have supplied over the years. If you are interested in photos or references regarding specific types of machinery, please do not hesitate to use our contact us form or call today to speak with a technician! See our used packaging machinery or rebuilt machinery pages for other options.

Berks Plant Design and Maintenance, Inc. offers complete retrofitted and custom built machinery. These services range from custom designed units built from the ground up for the most unusual applications and retrofits to modify an existing machine or core to performing a given application to complete control replacements and upgrades. These services are always inclusive of full customer specified factory acceptance testing as well as full warranties. Call or use our contact us form to discuss your needs with a technician today!

Berks Plant Design & Maintenance Inc. offers a variety of new machinery. Some applications require us to implement new equipment over used packaging machinery. We work closely with the original equipment manufacturers of the equipment types listed below. At BPDM we understand our customers' needs, and we're recognized for our skill in the industry. You can trust that working with new equipment OEM's does not interfere with our project goals and timetables.

We frequently combine our customer's choice of new and used machinery parts and equipment to produce complete lines at the lowest possible cost. With our in-house staff of skilled tradesmen we can customize standard machinery for more demanding applications at a fraction of the cost. Machinery integration services are also offered. See our consulting and design services page for more information, or call to talk to a technician directly today!

Services offered by BPDM

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Berks Plant Design and Maintenance designs, manufactures, and installs various types of clean rooms and clean room enclosures for other purposes (such as fume evacuation). These enclosure systems are modular, as every room is fully erected at Berks’ facility, then disassembled for transit. This includes any doorways or openings included in the particular design, mounting of HEPA filer systems or evacuation system.

Our enclosures are truly state of the art. All primary construction is precision welded 2” square 316 stainless steel tubing, which supports 3/16” to 5/16” Lexan, true Lexan vs. various polycarbonate materials that may not be of similar quality. Class 100, Class 1000, and Class 10000 rooms readily available, as well as negative ventilation systems when the project calls for it. We can specify in the design proper air exchange times, be it positive or negative ventilation, as well as provided particle removal by size in microns. We will work with you to determine your clean room requirements and specific needs. Our field service can also come to the project site and erect the modules for you upon request. Call today to speak with a technician directly!

Bottling lines - from planning the line to rebuilding used bottling equipment, Berks has the experience and expertise to deliver. With over thirty years of selling used bottling equipment, Berks Plant Design and maintenance understands the anatomy of a bottling line. In-house CAD design services will aid in the bottling line layout, our sales team will find the right pieces of bottling equipment, and our technicians will rebuild or refurbish the equipment for specific applications and perform the installation. From conception to a fully operational bottling line, or any piece of the whole, Berks understands the business and will find the right solution for each client.

Berks Plant Design and Maintenance offers full machinery liquidation and plant restoration and remediation services. Our procedure is very straightforward, starting with inspecting the machinery and equipment. We purchase the contents of the facility under contract, which includes the overall scope of work entailed. We then begin machinery liquidation for what was not taken into stock, rig out the equipment, and complete the scope of work provided to us. This often includes complete restoration of the facility from which the items are liquidated.

Unlike the normal market auctioneer, we partner with you to offer our services as follows:

  • We provide the extra services necessary to truly realize the value of your assets by restoring, cleaning, and staging your assets to maximize buyer interest. This is performed on a quotation basis or on a time and material basis.
  • Our knowledge of the actual equipment in these markets is paramount to properly cataloging, listing, and advertising the items.
  • We inspect the machinery and equipment. We offer to purchase the lot of items in question under contract, which includes the timelines, equipment inspection, access dates/hours, etc.
  • We then liquidate machinery that is not taken into our stock or outright sold, rig out the equipment, and complete the scope of work provided to us. This often includes complete restoration of the facility from which the items are liquidated from.

Berks Plant Design & Maintenance, Inc. has been in the business of automated packaging systems and process systems for more than 30 years. Our approach has always been to focus on our customer's requirements and preferences. We then assist in implementation and integration of the machinery for optimal efficiency, always bearing in mind our customer's budget.

We utilize the latest technologies available to the market to meet our customers' needs, including AutoCAD Suite for line layout and facility based design and SolidWorks modeling for 3D applications.

Cutting edge controls work, including design, programming, and implementation of the entire family of Allen Bradley PLC’s, 1305 series to Powerflex VFD’s, Ultra and Kinetix series servo drives, DH+, DeviceNet, and ControlNet digital communications, and a full array of HMI systems.

Maintenance & Installation: Berks Plant Design & Maintenance offers reconditioned machinery and custom rebuild services, new equipment installs, onsite services and preventative maintenance programs. Do you have a piece of equipment that needs a changeover or rebuild? Are you having problems keeping your current machinery in proper operating condition? We can help! Call today to speak with a technician about your needs.

After evaluating your existing equipment, BPDM will provide an estimate for onsite services or a quote for a complete in-house rebuild. Service technicians are always available on a priority basis for more immediate needs. If you need the job done right, let the experts at Berks Plant Design & Maintenance handle it for you.

Click here for examples of in-house rebuild projects we have handled in the past.

Packaging Machinery Parts: If you need machine parts in a hurry, BPDM is the place to go. You can nearly always purchase machine parts from us much more reasonably priced than what you would otherwise have to pay for the same part from an original equipment manufacturer. Please contact us to inquire about used parts, reconditioned parts, and custom machine parts.

At BPDM we have full Autocad capabilities in house in conjuction with CAM manufacturing. We can produce just about any part to OEM tolerances or better at a lower cost, as long as we have the necessary information to do so. Call today to learn more and speak with a technician directly!

Parts Available

Parts - Agitators
Parts - Blowers
Parts - Drive Components
Parts - Filters
Parts - Meters
Parts - Miscellaneous
Parts - Pumps
Parts - Sanitary Clamps
Parts - Sanitary Fittings
Parts - Scales
Parts - Valves

Machinery Available

Accumulation - Feed Tables
Bag Inserters
Bliss Box Formers
Bottle Rinsers - Cleaners
Case - Tray Packers
Case Erectors
Case Sealers
Filling Machines
Film Wrappers
Filter Equipment
Food Processing
Glue Systems
Heat Tunnels
Induction Sealers
Inspection - QA
Label Printers
Line - Bottling
Material Handling
Neck Banders - Sleeve Labelers
Pallet Elevators
Partition Inserters
Parts - Miscellaneous
Unscramblers - Bottle Orienter

Technical Library Categories Available

Accumulation Systems
Air Conveyor
Auger Filler
Automatic Bulk Container Palletizer
Automatic Case Taper
Bag-on-roll Bagger
Bag Inserters
Belt Conveyor
Belt Over Roller Conveyor
Accumulation Table
Bi Directional Accumulation
Accumulation System
Bi-Flow Accumulation
Bliss Box Former
Bottle Rinser Cleaner
Bottle and Case Coding Machinery
Cap Elevator
Rotary Cappers
Capping Machinery
Case Palletizer
Case Erector
Used Case Handling Machinery
Case Handling Machinery
Cold Glue Labeler
Continuous Motion Case Packer
Desiccant Insertion Equipment
Drop Packer
Filler Crowner Mono-block Machine
Film Wrapping Equipment - Hard Film and Shrink
Horizontal Cartoner
Horizontal Form, Fill and Seal Equipment
Hot-melt Glue Labeler
Infinity Series Accumulation Tables
Induction Sealer
Inline Cappers
In-line Filler
Inspection QA Equipment
Insulated Tanks
Jacketed Tanks
L-bar Sealer
Labeling Machines
Live Roller Conveyor
Machines for Tablets and Capsules
Mono-Block Rinser-Filler-Capper
Monoblock, Triblock, Quadblock Systems
Neck Bander
Pad Support Wrapping Equipment
Pallet Strapper
Pallet Wrapper
Partition Inserters
Pocket (Cup) Filling Equipment
Process Equipment
Process Kettles
Pressure Sensitive Labelers
Robotic Case Palletizer
Rotary Cappers
Rotary Filler
Rotary Turntables
Scale-type Filler
Shrink Bundler
Shrink sleeve labeler
Single Shell Storage Tanks
Solids Filling Equipment
Table Top Conveyors
Top and Bottom Case Tapers
Tray Bundler Wrapper
Tray Formers
Tri-Block Rinser-Filler-Capper
Tube Filler
Tumbler Filler
Unsupported Bundling Equipment
Vertical Cartoner
Wrap-Around Case Packer

Berks Plant Design & Maintenance 150 Birch Hill Road Shoemakersville, PA 19555 Phone: 610-916-0666 Fax: 610-926-1584 Email:
Berks Plant Design & Maintenance's headquarters is located in Berks County in Shoemakersville, PA. We provide packaging equipment, process machinery, bottling equipment, parts, and services to clients anywhere in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and other points abroad. Our clients know our reputation for our expertise and excellence in customer service. Our equipment experts will help you identify your needs, and work with your budget to get you the best possible equipment solutions for your next project.