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Custom/Retrofitted Machinery

Berks Plant Design and Maintenance, Inc. offers complete retrofitted and custom built machinery.  These services range from custom designed units built from the ground up for the most unusual applications and retrofits to modify an existing machine or core to performing a given application to complete control replacements and upgrades. These services are always inclusive of full customer specified factory acceptance testing as well as full warranties. Call or use our contact us form to discuss your needs with a technician today!

Custom / Retrofitted Machinery — Example Projects

automated packaging systems

Custom Built Clean Room installed and integrated to Fogg 36/10 Filler Capper Monoblock. Berks Plant Design and Maintenance designs and builds custom clean rooms manufactured from stainless steel and lexan. Customers may specify any access doors that they would like to have in place. Air exchange times and HEPA filtration specifications are included in the specification of the system. These rooms have also been utilized to contain and isolate explosion proof environments utilizing negative pressure ventilation systems. These rooms are manufactured at our facility, are completely assembled to guarantee quality and ease of onsite assembly, then broken down for shipment and final assembly.

automated packaging systems

Rebuilt, redesigned and retrofitted US Bottlers 30 head capper. This unit was disassembled, completely redesigned, assembled, and tested. This was a standard mechanical chuck capper, which we converted to an overcapper for a very difficult application. This unit was converted to a vacuum pick system, supplied turnkey with new manufactured sorting system, chute work, bottle handling change parts, and a completely rewire and reprogramming of the control system.

automated packaging systems

Custom Built Bottle in Box Capper. Originating as a one-time custom build, Berks Plant Design and Maintenance, Inc. now offers custom built Bottle in Box cappers as per customers applications. Units are available to changeover from single bottle in box, to double bottle in box, and even triple bottle in box with very large variations in height. These units utilize a custom designed case singulation and timing system, and a single capping chuck to reach down inside the corrugated carton to place and torque the cap. Speeds range from 35 cpm on single cases, 20 cpm on double bottle in box, to 17 on three bottles in one box. Cap sizes run have ranged from 28mm to 63mm.

automated packaging systems

600 per minute Custom Turnkey System Custom Built Filler w/ Two Different Style Cappers Fully Integrated This Custom Built System was constructed at the request of a large beverage copacker. System consists of an all stainless steel US Bottlers PGF80 80 head pressure overflow filler, an Alcoa 24 head rotary pick and place capper, as well as a Silgan model VG Capper. All machines were sychronized using Kinetix servo drives on each unit and a very robust custom control panel. Extended feed screw kits were built and installed between each machine, from discharge star to the infeed of the next, with 100% container control through the system. There was an extreme amount of logic required as well, such as an automatic disconnect on the top end of the VG capper as to eliminate wear when not needed. When the VG was the operating capper, the alcoa stood stationary as well w/ bypass bottle handling change parts again, to eliminate unnecessary wear. Desired method for the system to operate obtained by a simple "mode" change on the HMI touchscreen. Units could be adjusted on axis "on the fly", which means one could tune the system while watching containers actually run, then just reset "home" on the servos when tuned. This system, while capable of 725 per minute operated at a comfortable 600 per minute, 16.9 oz plastic, and 16 oz glass.

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