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  • Rebuilt Machinery

    Rebuilt Machinery

    Berks Plant Design and Maintenance, Inc offers extremely high quality rebuild services both for our proposed units and customers' existing units in need of rework. Our experienced technicians take pride in their work, backed by a well maintained infrastructure on the shop floor, quality engineering, and state of the art ERP and modeling software suites. Our rebuilds include a one year warranty on all machine parts.

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  • Reconditioned Machinery

    Reconditioned Machinery

    Many times the condition of a particular unit does not warrant a complete rebuild. In these cases, Berks Plant Design and Maintenance, Inc provides a thorough reconditioning program, during which the unit is inspected and repaired as necessary to render the unit in good running condition. While reconditioning does not carry a one year warranty, these units are guaranteed fully operational when complete.

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  • Custom Built / Retrofitted Machinery

    Custom Built / Retrofitted Machinery

    Berks Plant Design and Maintenance, Inc offers complete custom built machinery services in many areas of the packaging and process industries. These units are designed to meet the customers' needs, and carry a full performance guarantee as well as a warranty.

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  • Plant & machinery Liquidation / Facility Remediation

    Plant & machinery Liquidation / Facility Remediation

    We offer experienced Plant and Machinery Liquidation Services, as well as associated Facility Remediation Services for many packaging and process related industries. Our standard procedure is to ascertain the type and condition of the equipment in place, obtain a clear understanding of the scope of work involved and any associated timelines, and generate a clearly written cash proposal for the project at hand. More Info →

  • Design Services and Consulting

    Design Services and Consulting

    Berks Plant Design and Maintenance, Inc, offers full consulting, design, and layout services in conjunction with our projects. Whether you need complete line layout services, or modifications to an existing layout, we are here to assist you in any way necessary.

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  • New Machinery

    New Machinery

    In many cases it is economically beneficial for Berks Plant Design and Maintenance, Inc to utilize new machinery as part of a line to be supplied to our clients, to be supplied as a standalone piece, or to be customized for a particular purpose. We work with many OEM's in order to satisfy our customers' needs.

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  • Machinery Parts

    Machinery Parts

    Berks Plant Design and Maintenance, Inc. has full wireframe and solids modeling software to design even the most intricate machinery components. Whether we are manufacturing parts for a client, or for our own rebuilds / reconditions, our customers can have full confidence in our parts manufacturing capabilities.

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Berks Plant Design and Maintenance - Bottling Equipment, Filling Machinery, Packaging Equipment, and Process Equipment


Since 1981, Berks Plant Design & Maintenance's mission has been to provide our customers with the highest value in new and used packaging and process equipment available on the market. We have the experience and the right tools to assist in selecting the right equipment for the application, as well as facilitating the overall project goals – all while maximizing your budget.

In-House Resources Include:

  • Spacious 109,000 Square Foot Primary Facility
  • AutoCad and Solid Works Modeling
  • Complete In-House Machine Shop
  • Full Service Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • High Capacity Brake, Shear, and Roll Forming
  • TIG, MIG, Sanitary Welding, and Plasma Capability
  • Spacious Assembly and Testing Area
  • Two Overhead Bridge Cranes
  • Extensive Rigging and Installation Equipment – Including Six Lifts from 6500 Lb to 16,000 Lb


We are more than capable of tackling the most complex equipment rebuilds, installations, and automated packaging systems, so don't hesitate to call today! We are happy to discuss your needs directly to help you find exactly what you need.

Custom Packaging Equipment and Machinery Is Our Specialty.

Please take some time and browse the site to learn more about our company and services. RFQ portals are provided throughout the site, however we always prefer to discuss our clients' needs on a more personal basis.

Whether you require new, used, reconditioned, or completely rebuilt equipment, we are here to help you every step of the way. We also offer additional services such as design, installation, maintenance, custom builds, as well as complete plant liquidation and facility remediation services.

Please refer to the product lines and client services links on the left for more information about our services and specialties. Whatever your needs may be, Berks Plant Design & Maintenance is committed to assisting you. We look forward to working with you.


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