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Dixie Hydraulic Driven Mixer

- Hydraulically driven squire cage mixer mounted horizontally in a 250 gallon domed tank with a manway and sanitary stubs.
- This unit is very good at mixing viscous products that require large amounts of agitation.
- There is a remote hydraulic pump and tank unit that comes with the mixing vessel 3 " tapered bottom outlet provides complete draining of the mixed material.
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Sigma Style Blender.

- Double blade stainless-steel construction.
- 26-1/2" L x 34" W x 24" D
- 7-1/2 hp drive.
- 12 cu. ft capacity.
- 3/4 hp motor driven mechanical tilt
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Stainless Steel Double Cone Blender.

- 40" D x 12" straight side x 20" deep cone.
- Gearmotor drive with brake
- Provides a rapid, homogeneous blending of dry and semi dry materials
-Uses end-over revolving action
-The conical shape at both ends enables uniform mixing and easy discharge.
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Stainless Steel Double Paddle Mixer.

- 36" L x 24" W x 28" Deep.
- Jacketed
- 2 hp drive.
- Approximately 14 cu ft capacity.
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Stainless Steel Paddle Blender

- Tilt body
- Double paddle blender / mixer
- 32" L x 32" W x 20" Deep.
- 7-1/2 hp drive.
- Approximately 10 cu. ft. capacity.
- Motor driven mechanical tilt
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Stainless Steel Twin Ribbon Mixer

- Dual 15 hp drives.
- Side end discharge
- Comes with an operators platform and dust shroud.
- Shroud is vented with 15" outlet.
- The unit is 6-1/2" L x 4" W x 3" deep.
- Approximately 40 cu ft. capacity.
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Syrup Mix and CIP

-Reduces Oxygen and Nitrogen Levels in the Blended Product
-Deaeration Occurs w/o the use of water Deaeration
-Reduced Processing Hardware
-Less Volatile Product at the Filler
-Deaeration Occurs in CIP Loop
-Carbonated Soft Drink Blenders Offer Optional C02 and N2 Injection with water deaeration and product chilling.
-Hot Fill and Non-Carbonated Blenders are Manufactured w/o the Gas Injection, Deaeration, and Product Chilling.
-Multi-Stream Blenders Enable the Addition of Multiple Streams of Flavors and Ingredients to the Finished Product.

Tank 1
-Height: 6ft
-Width: 2ft
-All Stainless Steel
-Sanitary Frame

Tank 2
-Height: 2ft
-Width: 1.5ft
-Stainless Steel Control Panels
-Automated CIP Mode

Tank 3
-Height: 6ft
-Width: 3ft
-Stainless Steel Fristam Pumps
-Stainless Steel Flow Panel
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APV Stainless Steel Mix Tank.

- Single wall, domed top tank with sweep agitation.
- Center mounted twin agitators
- 48" D x 24" straight side.
- Top manway.
- Stainless legs.
- Approximately 200 gallon capacity.
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Kieth Marion Style Paddle Blender

- All Stainless steel 10 cu ft paddle mixer
- 32" Long X 28" Deep X 23" Wide.
- Unit elevated on painted steel legs discharge height 40 inch.
- 220/280 V three phase 5 HP drive.
- 4" center bottom outlet Iris valve.
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Sigma Blade Mixer

- Stainless steel double blade mixer.
- 12 cu ft.mix capacty.
- 32" L x 27" W w/ 7-1/2 hp drive.

- Double Arm Sigma Blade Mixers are engineered specifically for kneading, mixing, and homogenizing wet, pasty, and highly viscous products. The two Double Arm Sigma shaped blades, which sit horizontally and parallel at the bottom of the mixing trough, provide thorough mixing. The blades rotate at different speeds in opposite directions causing the product to be transferred from blade to blade and from end to end, resulting in a figure eight pattern.

- Double Arm Sigma Blade Mixers are suitable for many applications, including: Sealing compounds, asphaltic derivatives, mastics, hot-melts, floor coverings, colorings, rubber base, master-batches, chewing gum, rubber compounds, silicone, lubricating greases, dispersed pigments, butyl, gums and adhesives, ceramic paste, polyester compounds, greasy inks, pencil leads, explosives, powders to granulate, PVC coatings, resins, soap, brake linings, carbon electrodes, celluloid, Bakelite, battery paste and polishing pastes.
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Sigma Blade Mixer
- 10 cu. ft. capacity
- Double sima blade mixer w/ tilt type unloading
- 5 hp drive.
- Powered tilt by 3/4 hp gearhead drive
- 26-1/2 " L x 34" W x 24-1/2 " D.
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Stainless Steel Double Sigma Blender

- Electric motor driven mechanical tilt to empty feature.
- 15 hp variable speed drive.
- 38" L x 35" W x 28" deep.
- Aproximately 20 cu ft.
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