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Crown 60 Valve Filler Capper

-(Line 8)
-Left to Right Container Flow
-Capper is Neck Handling w/ Base Plates

-4.25in Centers on Filler
-4.25in Centers on Capper
Stock#: 13228
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E-Pak Inline lLiquid Filler

-Pressure Gravity Filler
-6 Filling Valves
-Intergratted Drip Tray
-Table Top Conveyor
-Intergratted Product Feed System w/ Pump
-Tool-less Valve Adjustments
-Intergratted Product Hold Tank
-Intergrated Level Control Systems

-Sanitary Stainless Steel
-All Stainless Steel Frame
-Touch Screen Controls (as per current manufacture standard)
-All Electrical Enclosures Water Proof

-Length: 89in
-Height: 85in
-Width: 40in

-Length: 88in
-Width: 5in
Stock#: 13271
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ELF 10 Head Time Gravity Filler

- Unit totally enclosed inside all stainless and lexan enclosure with fume evacuation hood on top
- 36 inch Long beam
- Upgraded stand-alone control panel with touch screen interface
- May possibly be used in some explosion proof environments
- Footprint: 6' L x 4' W
Stock#: 13091
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Elgin Filler

- Automatic PD single head filler w/ 32 oz piston.
- Lugged feed conveyor
- Agitated hopper
- Bottom up fill.
- 115 / 230 volts
Stock#: 12995
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Filler - Net Weight

- 18 valve on 5" centers
- Rising bottle table type operation
- Product reservoir with level sensing
- Full interlocked guarding
- All stainless steel construction
- 3-1/4" tabletop chain conveyor
- Run direction is left to right facing the feedscrew assembly
- Operator controls on swingarm
- Filler cabinet OAD: 7' L x 7' W x 100" Tall
- Seperate control cabinet OAD: 80" L x 20" D x 78" Tall
- 460V 3 phase
Stock#: 12890
In Stock
Filling Equipment R3 Frame 18 Head Filler
Stock#: 13149
In Stock
FTP Filler

- All SS construction with gating and control logic for remote filling units.
- Fill range pre-sets 2ml to 100ml.
- 120V/1/60hz and air required.
Stock#: 12282
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Geyer Twin Piston Mechanical Filler

- Stand mounted Geyer positive displacement depositer.
- 32 oz. maximum dispense volume per piston
- Capable of filling heavy creams to products with some suspended particles .
- 32 " x 44" x 72 " footprint.
- Hopper size is 24" x 24" x 12 tall (aprox. 2 cu ft) with paddle agitation
- 230 / 460 volt 3 phase
Stock#: 12483
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Geyer Twin Piston Pneumatic Filler

- Platform mounted Geyer twin piston positive displacement depositer.
- Maximum fill size is 16 oz per nozzle
- 32" x 44" x 72" footprint.
- Hopper size is 24" x 24" x 6" tall (aprox. 2 cu ft)
- Pneumatic controlled depositer filler.
- 120 V.
Stock#: 12484
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Holmatic Single Lane Cup Filler w/ Piston Filler, Sealer and Lidder

-Stainless Steel Cabinetry
-Cup Denesting
-Presently Tooled for 6" Diameter Round Cups
-20SCFM @ 100 PSIG
Stock#: 13252
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Horix 32 Hd Rotary Filler

- 32 head rotary filling machine. Gravity w/ vacuum assisted filling or straight vacuum.
- 9/16 inch valves on 5 inch centers.
- Stainless contact parts with painted frame.
- VFD speed control. 480V/60/3phase.
- Footprint: 9' x 6' x 8' tall.
Stock#: 12261
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Horix Rotary Filler

-18 Head Automatic Rotary Filler
-9/16in Filling Valves
-5in Valve Centers
-Stainless Steel Product Bowl
-Stainless Steel Inline Prefilter
-Infeed Timing Screw Assembly
-Stainless Steel Bottle Plates
-1hp Main Drive
-Product Bowl Height Adjustment
-Float and Level Control
-4 Star Wheels

-Volts: 230/460
-Hz: 60
-Phase: 3

-Height: 86in
-Length: 58in
-Width: 48in

Product Bowl Dimensions:
-Diameter: 30in
-Depth: 16in
Stock#: 13281
In Stock
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